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What to Know: the Cost of Cyber Programs

cyber training Dec 23, 2022

The cybersecurity industry has been dealing with a massive talent shortage for the past few years. And on top of that talent gap, the average salaries for professionals in cybersecurity continue to be strong, even in the face of economic headwinds. 

You have probably been inundated with ads on social media for cybersecurity training programs (and yes, sorry, you're probably reading this blog because you saw Day0 in one of those ads 🫠). These programs have popped up to train you in cybersecurity and get you into the industry.

But if you have been shocked by the price of these programs, you're not alone.

What to Know

According to data collected in 2018, coding bootcamps (not just cybersecurity, but all types of digital learning bootcamps) cost, on average, $11,900. And if you have recently been looking at cybersecurity training programs, you know that the $11,900 price tag is on the low side. Most of the cybersecurity programs out there are now costing between $15,000 and $26,000. And if you're looking at getting a traditional degree in cybersecurity or computer science, you are looking at $12,000 or more per year.

How did we get here?

Even though there are now dozens and dozens of cybersecurity-specific programs, it is still a relatively small field. Which means that programs have more control over what they can charge. And because the demand for cybersecurity talent remains high, programs know that they can charge a premium and that people will still try to pay it. Essentially, both demand and supply favor programs increasing their prices.

Don't Forget the Opportunity Costs

When looking at cybersecurity programs, don't forget to account for the opportunity costs:

  • Will the program require you to leave your full-time job? Or drop down to part-time work? How long will the program last?
  • What is the weekly time commitment that the program will require? Will this time take you away from work or family commitments?
  • Does the program have additional fees along the way? Are there fees for books, supplies, memberships, or software?

The Bottom Line

Cybersecurity programs are increasing in cost. It's up to students to make sure that they aren't overpaying for a program or overbuying certificates that won't necessarily increase their job prospects. Some programs even try to hide their full costs between down-payments, installments, and payments coming from future wages.

The Day0 Cybersecurity program was built by industry veterans and to meet actual industry needs. It was built to be the most affordable, the most flexible, and the quickest way for true beginners to break into the industry. With those goals, Day0 allows students to achieve the same outcomes as more expensive programs but without the hefty price tags.


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