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Know Your "Why"

career benefits cyber training Jan 17, 2023

As you start to contemplate your own career and your goal of getting into cybersecurity, it’s important to know what your “why” is and to stay focused on what is motivating you to make a change. This will help provide clarity to you as you make decisions about the program you select and where you want your cyber career to take you.

There are many reasons why a person might consider switching careers and entering the field of cybersecurity. Some of the most common motivations include:

  1. Personal growth and professional development: Cybersecurity is a rapidly-evolving field, and professionals in this field are constantly learning new skills and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and threats. This can be a great opportunity for personal growth and professional development.
  2. Job security and pay: Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, and this demand is only expected to increase in the coming years. Cybersecurity professionals often earn high salaries and benefits, making it a financially rewarding career choice. This can provide a sense of job security and the opportunity to build a long-term career in the field.
  3. Supporting a family or caring for loved ones: As mentioned, cybersecurity professionals often earn high salaries and benefits, which can be a great way to provide financial stability and support for a family. The flexibility of many cybersecurity roles, including the ability to work remotely, can make it easier to care for loved ones who may require additional support or attention.
  4. Opportunities for advancement: The cybersecurity field offers many opportunities for advancement, from entry-level positions to leadership roles. This can be a great way to move up the career ladder and take on new challenges.
  5. Sense of purpose: Cybersecurity professionals play a crucial role in protecting individuals and organizations from cyber threats. They often feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work, knowing that they are helping to protect individuals and organizations from cyber threats.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there are many personal reasons someone might want to pursue a career in cybersecurity, including the desire to provide financial stability and support for a family, the opportunity to make a positive impact, and the ability to achieve a good work-life balance.

You should figure out what your “why” is and use it to guide you and help make decisions today that will set you up for success tomorrow.


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