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Tech Jobs vs. Jobs in Tech

job market Jan 11, 2023

Companies in the technology space are not immune to global economic forces, which means that those companies are still susceptible to mass layoffs. And that's what we've seen recently as Amazon, Microsoft,, Meta (Facebook), and Lyft have announced rounds of layoffs. 

So the big question: what does this all mean for people who are looking to get into cybersecurity? Is the job market still strong enough to get into the industry?

The short answer: cybersecurity is still running hot and the job market is still strong. 

Here's what to know:

The job market for technology talent still remains strong, despite layoffs in technology companies. Part of the reason is that tech jobs are different from jobs in tech.

@christophergeorgewink Not all those tech layoffs were actually tech jobs #techlayoffs #techjobs #workingintech ♬ original sound - Chris Wink

Christopher Wink is the founder of, a news and community organization focused on technology companies and start-ups. As he notes in the video above, jobs in tech are different than tech jobs. Technology companies have a lot of traditional components to them: marketing departments, designers, sales teams, people in administration and operation roles, etc. And this is where layoffs have hit. And while some software developers have been included, the majority of layoffs have targeted non-technical roles in these technology companies. 

The other reason that demand for tech workers has remained strong is because of the impact that tech has in every organization.

"Virtually every company today is a tech company in some way," Scott Dobroski, a careers expert with Indeed, told IT Brew. Tech has been so fully integrated into nearly every facet of American companies that IT workers are needed to keep the lights on. And adversary threats have increased to the point that cybersecurity workers are needed either at the company level or with an organization that provides cybersecurity services. 

So while the headline numbers might be looking bad for tech companies, the demand for individuals in software engineering, cybersecurity, and AI still remains very strong. 


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